The Great Cete Burn

Volcano warming uP
Now Live
We'll enter the volcano at 3:00PM EST. Stay tuned!
1. Burn your current Bitcoin Badgers NFTs
2. Earn
goodies, STX, & become a legend

What is

The Great Cete Burn?

A smart contract upgrade for Bitcoin Badgers NFTs

It will let us execute on a higher-quality roadmap:
better baby badgers, 3d models, rarity, & more.
Burn Your Badgers


should you burn?

You'll get the goodies below and a chance at hand-crafted 1-of-1 Bitcoin Badgers
Earn Random STX
We are giving random STX giveaways 10-15 STX for people who burned within 48 hours. We'll continue doing these, decreasing the amount over time.
Art Airdrops
Those who burn will get early art concept drops to their wallet - sketches, early iterations. Cool items that OGs will appreciate.
Baby Badger Breeding
You will only be able to breed baby badgers on the new V2 smart contract. We did this so we could make breeding an special experience.
Oculus & Swag Giveaways
A lucky few early burners won Oculus Quest 2s and coffee mugs to help make every morning, a GM. There may be more of these down the road.
...and last but not least
all badgers will remain the same,
except for 4 random badgers will be deep burned
and replaced with legendary badgers
the last 2 legendary badgers will appear
in our final mint (block 40776)
Two have revealed themselves so far: