baby Badgers

adorable cubs born out of love
February 4-14th

What is this space

Welcome to this intimate section of Badger Labs, where you’ll see how loving Badgers are first-hand.

This is the first time the Badgers have let humans in so be on your best behavior.

For one week, you’ll be able to see how badgers court each other and, if you’re lucky, influence what traits are passed down to babies.

Badger courtship 101


Exchange notes of admiration

Tell us, who is it that you adore?

Calls to your heart you can't ignore

Secretly admire no more

Send a note, a phrase tonight

If matched, enjoy Valentine's delight

Seeds of future joy in sight


Share what they love about the other

Did my smile, catch your eye?

Oh...I see, you fancy my bow tie

You have a nose for trouble my dear

A knack for mischievous fun I hear

You wear your heart upon your sleeve

A way with words and plans conceived


Date and enjoy the little things

Paired at last, their loves shows

Joyous times and chemistry flow

In moments shared, everything slows

A shared future begins to grow

Spread the love

Inspired by their ways, I've stolen borrowed the BadgerGram Valentine's gizmo to help us humans spread the love.

Have a secret admirer? Want to let your people know they're loved?

Take the first step, like the Badgers.

Frequently asked questions

Can I mint a baby if I don't have 2 Badgers?
No. You will only be able to mint babies with badgers that have not yet been paired up to make babies.
What are the mint & reveal dates?
The breeding process for babies will open on February 14th.

The reveal date is still TBD.
What’s the cost?
Minting is free, you only pay for gas. The week time window allows for you to breed when convenient / network congestion is lower.
How many babies will be born?
There will be a maximum of 1050 Badger pairs that mate - so no more than 1050 babies... although we’ve heard that Badgers are capable of twins.
How can I check if a Badger has already mated?
You can use our verifier tool to lookup whether Badgers have already paired for breeding. Note this will only tell you if a badgers breeding has been committed to an anchor block - we can only verify at the moment you check using the tool.
How are baby Badgers created?
Well you see, humans tell this story about birds and bees...but Badgers, you see. They’re a little more advanced emotionally and technologically than we are. 

They tell eachother how much and what they love about each other and with a little magic (CRISPR) they can shape the next generation.
...and how does that tech work behind the scenes in human terms?
Trait Inheritance
baby Badgers are programmatically generated based on the trait tables of their parents. For each trait that a parent has, the baby will have a chance to inherit that trait (~10-25% chance) or a random one for a given characteristic. We use that table of probabilities of parents traits to generate the babies, making adjustments for Hearts.

NFT Collection
baby Badgers will live in their own NFT collection once revealed with a maximum size of 1050.
How do Hearts work?
We told you Badgers are advanced emotionally and technologically - that flows through to how they make babies. Badgers tell one another what they love about each other and those features are more likely to pass down to their babies.

Hearts bump up the chance a baby will get a trait by ~25%

If both parents have a trait, say purple hair, and they both Heart eachothers hair color their baby will 100% get that trait when born.
How do I get Hearts?
Each wallet with Badgers will get 1 Heart you can assign to any trait you want.

‍We will let you purchase Hearts at the wallet level as well. These will cost 5 STX per Heart.


We will be running a competition or two leading up to Badger breeding which will let winners earn Hearts for spreading the love and taking part in the fun.
Do baby Badgers have any utility?
We have some fun things in the works related to baby Badgers!

We are currently exploring a children's book and mini games related to babies that will likely require having both baby Badger and Badger NFTs.
Can my Badger be listed in a custodial marketplace and still breed?
No. Only Badgers that are not in custodial marketplaces will be able to breed. In addition, only Badgers that have not yet bred can be paired to make babies.